Growth Companies in foodlogistics Collico Oy and LogXellence Oy have agreed on strategic co-operation. At the same time Collico Oy main owners have agreed to invest in LogXellence Oy.

LogXellence Oy, Tukkuheino Oy and Suka Oy have agreed 4.8.2021 of and agreement where mentioned companies will become owners of LogXellence. At the same time companies have agreed on financing which ensures companys operations continuation and develelopment on long term. At the same time companies have signed a letter of intent with goal for long time strategic partnership.


Collico Oy, a company specialising in food transport, exclusively handles the deliveries of SkyNet Finland in Finland

Globally operating transport and courier service company SkyNet Worldwide Express and Collico signed a cooperation agreement in April 2020.
Collico delivers SkyNet Worldwide Express parcels from abroad in Finland. This means that if you import products to Finland, Collico will handle the delivery in Finland. Collico can deliver its customers’ parcels to anywhere in the world via the international delivery service of SkyNet Worldwide Express.


With just one agreement, Storeverse creates an online store and Collico handles logistics

Storeverse Oy develops and provides e-commerce software products. Specialising in grocery store software (using the SaaS operating model), Storeverse also has experience from online store solutions in other industries. The online store solutions are cost-effective and easy to use. They include all the features required to manage an online store, such as the opportunity to analyse the customer experience (AI), as well as ready-made integrations to a variety of payment services and Collico’s logistics service.


One of Collico’s partners in the Helsinki metropolitan region is eNexus Oy, a company specialising in e-commerce logistics. Temperature controlled deliveries are handled using transport stock approved for food deliveries. eNexus provides cost-effective, high-quality services regardless of the size of the product flow. It combines product flows to provide ecological and efficient service. The new transport stock complies with the Euro 6 emission standards, and the vehicles’ FNA-classified cargo spaces ensure that the temperature stays in the desired range regardless of the season.  The distribution operations are controlled with smartphone applications: the driver always has up-to-date information on delivery schedules and instructions.


Suppilog Oy is a Finnish wholesale trade platform company that provides a digital marketplace for purchasing and selling wholesale products. Seller companies share the trading costs, get a boost to their logistics operations and sell their products directly to buyer companies in selected industries. The buyer companies can place orders themselves and combine products from several seller companies into one order. The buyer companies only need to register once to purchase products of their choice from hundreds of seller companies. The efficient order process facilitates portfolio management and makes additional orders easy.