Finnish logistics service company Collico offers everything you need to easily establish an online store. In many cases, an entrepreneur who is thinking about establishing an online store abandons the idea when they start to calculate the costs and realise how long it would take before the products sold from the online store would reach the customers.

  • “Expensive and cumbersome logistics are often the problem. The situation has changed. Thanks to our long-term development efforts, we can offer together with our partners a comprehensive package that includes logistics and e-commerce services,” says Peter Klenberg, the CEO of Collico Oy.

Klenberg was involved in the creation of the parcel delivery service of the Finnish postal service Posti. He has also been the development director of Tuko Logistics. Jani Vainio, Sales and Marketing Director, has worked as logistics and development director of Heinon Tukku Oy and been involved in the development of several online stores. Jarmo Aho, Chief Operating Officer, has been involved in the operations of Kauppahalli24 from the very beginning and has extensive experience in online grocery stores, small-scale picking and retail trade.

  • “You could say that this is the joint effort of top-notch people who have been active in the industry for a long time,” Klenberg says.

How can Collico handle logistics service at a price point where a regular small entrepreneur can make profit with the products they sell, even after the transport costs?

  • “By having several small businesses as customers. We can combine distribution routes and thus optimise the transport costs,” Jani Vainio explains.

Collico was established as a picking and delivery logistics partner for home food deliveries.  The same logistics model can be applied to the warehousing of the products of small and medium-sized enterprises and especially to distribution that requires temperature controlled transport. We can use our network also in the distribution of online purchases in Finland.

Online stores can also sell their products outside of Finland. Last April, Collico signed a cooperation agreement with SkyNet Finland, which delivers products worldwide. SkyNet’s distribution network in 209 countries is now available to Collico’s e-commerce customers.

  • Now you can sell anything to anywhere in the world from your online store. “We will handle everything from beginning to end. At its simplest, all you need to do is to upload product data, photos and text in the system. Everything else has been automated,” Klenberg explains.