Growth Companies in foodlogistics Collico Oy and LogXellence Oy have agreed on strategic co-operation. At the same time Collico Oy main owners have agreed to invest in LogXellence Oy.

LogXellence Oy, Tukkuheino Oy and Suka Oy have agreed 4.8.2021 of and agreement where mentioned companies will become owners of LogXellence. At the same time companies have agreed on financing which ensures companys operations continuation and develelopment on long term. At the same time companies have signed a letter of intent with goal for long time strategic partnership. 

As part of these agreements companies have signed a long time lease agreement of Kerava warehouse with its owner Logicor. 

Collico Oy:

  • Collico Oy is founded in  2019 and is  a full service logistics company that provides services to its partners and other businesses. We specialise in temperature controlled food deliveries, but we can deliver almost anything. Collico’s customers include solo entrepreneurs and businesses operating in the whole of Finland.
  • Company operates also as part of International network SkyNet Worldwide Express which ensures express- ja packagedeliveries  all over world

LogXellence Oy:

  • LogXellence Oy is founded in 2019 perustettu and is spcialized in foodlogistics and warehousing including variety of value adding services. Company started its operations in Tuko Logistics old warehouse in Kerava in February 2020. During its first year company has invested in new ERP Dynamics D/365 delivered by Efima, partly automized roller picking stations in cold temperatured logistics. Company also owns in its premices 3D picking automation.
  • Company employs approximately 50 persons and its turnover in 2020 was approximately 2,5 m euros. Turnover in 2021 is estimated to be approximately 4,5  m euros.

Collico and LogXellence strategic co-operation brings its new and excisting customers more variety of services. Co-operation brings new strong Finnish option in logistics services sector to ensure its customers quality and competitiveness in their businesses. 

More Info:

Peter Klenberg, CEO
Collico Oy

+ 358 40 517 2009

Jari Rinnekoski, CEO
LogXellence Oy

+358 40 057 3711